Preparing your house for an Online Open House or Virtual Tour with Always Open House.

Keep in mind that having a virtual tour is almost like letting anyone and everyone that has an interest tour your house. Which for the purpose of selling your house is great and wanted. However, there are also those that dont have your interest in mind. So prepare your house just like you are having an open house and then after you're all set; go back through and try to set aside anything that may be personally identifiable that might be tempting for identity thieves and valuables that you believe could be tempting for thieves.

703 Kirche Hill

5134 Tuxedo

2053 7th Street

5854 West Bald Eagle

24/7 Virtual Open House

with Matterport 3D scanning

Dollhouse View
One of the most distinctive features of Matterport 3D scanning is the Dollhouse view that gives the user the ability to take in the entire house from any angle.

Floorplan View
A simple top-down view of the inside of the house for each floor, gives the potential buyer a great context to see your listing.

The best part of a Matterport Virtual listing is the walkthrough, it really is the next best thing to being there. It is seamless, easy and intuitive for any user to walkthrough.

Virtual Tour
More than just a slideshow of the best shots. This Virtual Tour brings you though automatically from room to room as if you were walking through.

High Resolution Photography
Every scan point offers multiple high resolution (4k) photos. From a wide angle to a standard focal length. The best shots are always captured and can be recaptured.

Optional Schematic Floorplan
For an additional $20, a floorplan can be provided that gives room dimensions and square footage for finished and unfinished areas.

Additional Features
  • Computer and mobile friendly virtual walkthrough.
  • Helps to eliminate multiple site visits
  • Fewer showings to uninterested parties; more showings to serious buyers.
  • Shareable links to social media.
  • Listing on
  • Embedding code to add to your own site.
  • 360 outside views.
  • Virtual Reality compatible (with free downloadable Matterport VR App)
  • Optional Information Tags give added information in the Virtual walkthrough.
  • Option to integrate with Google street-view. (Additional $20 charge)

Under 3,000 sqft3,000 to 5,000 sqft5,000 to 7,000 sqftOver 7,000
$150$200$250Commercial Rate
Per Unit setup and processing (including one year of showcase)$100
Annual renewal of showcase$70
Additional Options and FeesRate
Long Distance
* Outside 20 mile radius of Downtown St. Paul
Late Payment
* All payments are due at time of scan

Contact: Alan Frans
(612) 979-8921 |